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"No Bad Days" as coined by Time Magazine

San Felipe in Baja Mexico is quaint little town is located on the east coast of the Baja peninsula on the Sea of Cortez It has a population of approximately 30,000, a third of which is comprised of Americans, Canadians and Europeans. San Felipe, with its pristine beaches and unhurried lifestyle is the gateway to the Sea of Cortez from California and Arizona. An average 330 days of sunshine per year with annual rainfall of less than 3 inches makes San Felipe a prime destination for resort living. Ten months of the year offer spring-like weather. 

Being the shrimp capital of Baja, San Felipe celebrates the shrimping season each Fall with a huge fiesta, Festival de Camaron (Shrimp Festival).

Fiber optic cable lines have been installed from the US to San Felipe; a new four-lane highway is planned from the U.S. to San Felipe and a yacht marina is soon to be constructed in the harbor. The San Felipe International Airport offers Thrifty Car Rental and runways are planned to be extended for commercial jet aircraft.

San Felipe offers all city services with wide variety of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, nightlife, shopping, pharmacies, dentists, doctors, and a state-of-the-art trauma hospital. Free wi-fi is also available at most public establishments

In addition to the Shrimp Festival, the town hosts the Snowbird Festival, Carnaval, and Semana Santa (Easter Week).  There are also jet-ski races, the Mid Winter West Hobie Cat Regatta and various off-road racing events. Civic organizations, including Rotary and Lions Club, host seminars, dinner dances, and put on plays through out the year.

If this is the lifestyle you envision for yourself, then San Felipe is the place for you.
Did you know...
     Little-known Facts about San Felipe and the surrounding area

What is an Ejido?
An Ejido is land owned collectively by community members. Purchasing Ejido land requires two nominations from within the community.

What are the tallest mountains in Baja California?
Directly behind San Felipe to the West is the mountain range called Sierra San Pedro Martir, which are the tallest mountains in the region.

When was San Felipe founded?
In 1916, San Felipe was founded as a commercial fishing port, although it was discovered by Francisco de Ulloa in 1539.

What is the average temperature in San Felipe?
A beautiful 78 degrees is the average temperature year round.

Where does the city water supply come from?
Water comes from wells about 30 miles south of town and also from mountain springs. The city's water is considered safe to drink, but it does have a high mineral content.

What's unique about San Felipe's sewage system?
Instead of being discharged into the sea like most of Mexico, San Fleipe pipes its sewage to a plant in the desert for treatment. The sea water is maintained as clean as possible because the town has historically had great dependence on the fish and shrimping industries.

What is the "restricted zone"?
The area 100 kilometers from the border or 50 kilometers from the coastline is called the restricted zone.

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Medical Information!
Medical access is one of the big issues we face here in Mexico. The Baja Medical clinic next to El Dorado Ranch and Playa de Oro plans a big expansion coming up this fall that is to include a small hospital, state of the art medical facility, helicopter Med-evac and more. The Facility is owned and operated by an independent company (Not El Dorado) with hospitals and clinics in the Las Vegas area. This will be a huge benefit to our whole area and plans are to start expansion in October. We will keep everyone informed!